This is How to Build High-Quality Backlinks to Your Site in 2017

This is How to Create High Quality Backlinks to Your Site in 2017 via @notispress

If you’ve explored internet marketing at any length, you know that backlinks are key to a successful SEO campaign. Now that Google is updating search algorithms at a faster pace than ever before, there is more need for high quality links to your content. Should you hire a writer, create customized content yourself, pay a backlink building service to do the work for you, or use a free index tool? Here’s your answer.

Why do You Need Backlinks?

Quality links to your site let Google and other search engines know that your site is trustworthy, based on the fact that others have chosen to link to your content. A standalone site with no quality backlinks, even with engaging content, will not rank in search engines. More than any other factor, the amount of backlinks have the highest effect on page rank. Today, online content needs to be engaging, and there has to be proof of that engagement. Search engine algorithms are intelligent, and can easily determine what’s really going on.

First, Let’s Explore Free Index Tools

There are many sites on the internet that can add your URL to hundreds or even thousands of websites, ensuring that this will help Google to index your site faster. Tools like this tend to imply that SEO is like a voting game – the more sites linking in to your site, the better. This may be partially true.

To use a free index tool for back linking, all you have to do is enter the URL of your page and click “submit.” The tool does all of the work.

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This gives you more backlinks than you could create in a year after just a few minutes of waiting. Of course, you have to have patience while Google indexes the pages your site has been linked to, which can take awhile. The claim is usually that the pages used for these services are indexed every day.

So, should you use indexing tools? The only valuable purpose this would potentially serve is speeding up the index process for your site. Having 10,000 random backlinks will not help you rank for any of your target search terms, get your content in front of your ideal audience, or generate significant traffic.

Next, What is a Backlink Building Service?

Backlink building services ask for a fee in exchange for “high-quality links.” You can generally purchase a set amount of backlinks in tiered packages. Prices range from $4 up, depending on the provider.

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Backlink building services offer blog post comments, permanent blog posts, and premium blog posts that include links to your desired URL. The only way to know, for sure, if a back-linking service will provide the links you need is to try one. Research well and read online reviews before you choose to purchase backlinks from anyone.

Then, How Will Customized Backlink Building Affect Your Website’s PR?

Customized content is different from backlink building services in that you have complete control over strategy and implementation. You can either hire a content marketing professional or agency to help you generate a plan or create one yourself.

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If you customize a plan and execute it yourself, you can research, implement, and analyze everything you need to rank your pages in search results. Make sure to measure the results each time you utilize a new strategy.

How Many Backlinks are Needed to Rank First in Google Searches?

Some will tell you to create 10 high-quality backlinks, and others 50. Who is correct? The true answer is neither – the amount of backlinks needed to rank first in a Google search depends on the search term, the rank of your other pages, and more.

One anonymous, high-profile client recently requested 30 high quality backlinks to one of their pages. You might read somewhere that less are needed. Like all other aspects of content marketing, you will have to analyze your own internal data to know for sure.

Where Should You Post Your Links for Optimal Impact?

When starting off on this journey of building your systemic web profile, understand that the best place to post backlinks is on sites that already have a high PR, and are relevant to your main topic or niche. If you sell socks and post a link to your site on a page about kittens, the impact is likely to be low. However, if you can get backlinks into articles on and HuffPost, that’s another story. Guest blogging and article writing are going to have a profound impact on your PR, if done right.

How to Use a Backlink in a Piece of Content

Before diving into the best way to create a backlink, let’s look at some less effective methods. Note that search engines are intelligent, constantly evolving, and read links in human language. The text included in your link is an important ranking factor. The three following links showcase various uses for the same statement and URL.

Examples of Nominal Ways to Create a Backlink:

  • How many backlinks do you need to rank in Google? Find out here.
  • How many backlinks do you need to rank in Google?

The above options for backlink creation signal that the topic is “here” or “backlinks.” Though the second may seem relevant, the odds of ranking for it are extremely low. Without any research whatsoever, it’s certain that you will have too much competition if you try to rank for this term. So, try something else instead.

This is the Best Way to Create a Backlink:

With this option, your topic, in the eyes of search engines is, “how many backlinks do you need to rank in Google?” The above link is relevant, uses human language, and is more likely to increase your rank.

What Role do Social Media Links Play in Page Rank?

If you run a backlink search for your pages, you may find that many of your links are from social media sites. Similar algorithms are used on backlink checker tools and search engines. This means that, hypothetically, social media shares count as backlinks.

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However, Matt Cutts, the former head of the web spam team at Google, warns that social media links are not factored into page rank. This is because it is impossible to crawl a large portion of the social web – many social pages are private – they’re not indexed. If Google were to factor in social shares when ranking a page, the results would remain unbalanced.

Note: Despite the fact that millions of social shares won’t guarantee a first page listing on Google, you do not want to factor social media out of your SEO strategy; page visits generated from social media shares will still increase your perceived authority in the eyes of search engines.

The 13 Best Strategies for Building Backlinks

You should now have a firm grasp on what is needed for backlink building. Use the following ideas to apply your newfound knowledge. Here is a current list of the best ways to build backlinks.

  1. Guest posting on blogs in your niche.
  2. Article writing for authority sites.
  3. Submitting press releases.
  4. Evangelist attraction – natural links.
  5. Niche forum posting.
  6. Authority outreach.
  7. Directory submission.
  8. Q&A site interaction.
  9. Video uploading (YouTube and Vimeo).
  10. SlideShare presentations.
  11. Testimonials for external products & services.
  12. Dead link reclamation.
  13.  Online review websites.


There is more to backlink building than spamming blog comments with links to your pages. Use this guide to start building your systemic web profile. Subscribe to receive updates when we post more helpful content like this.

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